30 August 2012

The Halloween Season Arrives?

So I'm a little confused. My phone tells me that it's in the 80s during the early mornings and heading well into the 90s by mid day. When I go out to jog, the sun is blisteringly and blindingly hot. I still rush in and spend most of my day in the air conditioning to remain feeling like an Earth being rather than a Venus or Mercury inhabitant (or at least like I don't live in Hong Kong without air conditioning anymore).


The rest of the world seems to thing fall is getting on. Halloween stores have been advertising like crazy. I received an advertisement in my inbox for haunted house coupons. When I went into Michael's for a t-shirt, all of the skeletons, scarecrows, pumpkins and corn husks took up at least half of the store. The Possession comes out this week.

Did I miss something? It's not even September 1st yet (though I'm counting the days). Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Last year I did an Octoberpost series (click here for the series start). I'm all about it. I love that I finally will get to wears some scarves (sniff - alas, I left many in NC during the move), sweaters and hats in my favorite color palette.


It's still August! It's still summery hot outside. I guess it's all just wishful thinking. If so, I'm glad to know that there are many people here that share my love of autumn. :)

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