05 November 2012

Using cell phones in class

Cell phones in class: pro or con?

This week my group is writing a project in which we propose to let 8th graders text answers to review questions into the online program called Poll Everywhere. This is the kind of assignment that would allow students to utilize the technology available on almost every cell phone to help them review for an upcoming test. In the trial, the students will text in their answers to multiple choice questions. As they text in their answers, the class responses will appear live on a bar graph for all to see. We hope this will spark conversation and get students sharing knowledge as they prepare for the test.

BUT, of course, there is always the issue of kids texting in class. Will they be paying attention to their classmates? Or will they be trying to get away with texting other things during the class activity?

As usual, with greater use of technology come greater responsibility on the part of the student to focus and behave appropriately.

Will they do it?

What do you think? Would you allow students to text in class as part of an assignment? Or would you rather discourage the use of phones during class time?

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