29 March 2011

Daily writing

I plan on trying to write daily and post daily, but these may not be the same thing. I'm working on the second P&W prompt (and struggling with it a bit). It's gone from being a poem to becoming a short story of sorts. I've got a narrative going, but I'm still working on creating some tension in the scene. Could just end up being some character studying. At any rate, I'm writing, but it may be a few days before it gets here. The lack of post yesterday was because my computer is slowly dying of chipset cancer or something and it took Colin many hours of struggled surgery and post op to get it back into the ICU, where it's starting to be able to make internet connections again and sleep without trouble.

That being said, I wrote a poem that's pretty rough right now during a philosophy conference that I went to this weekend and I plan on trying to brush that up a bit today and post a (still rough) copy of it. Trying out a metaphor that I'm not sure works in the beginning, but takes it where I want to go in the end.

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