27 April 2011

Vapid Aphrodite

A post I got to via lovelinks, by Patricia over at Contemplating Happiness about people watching pushed me over the edge this morning. I went on one of the most lovely Easter Sunday walks to a zoological/botanical garden this year and along the way I picked up (in my writer's mind) a woman, whom I've charmingly named the "Vapid Aphrodite". 

Vapid Aphrodite

We walked through the gardens with spring all abloom
Our fingers meeting in between camera captures, lovely
and bright, the flowers, cranes and flamingos strutting
their best jeweled plumage in the afternoon warmth

We hold the camera at arms’ length, heads together
faces smiling with a light that is not all from above
A sheer mist from the fountain cools our faces, frenzies
of children splash and give chase in the delight

The clicking of another camera comes to our ears
from a fellow being directed by a tall and fair woman
She presents an orange-flowered tree for the camera
as a showcase showgirl presenting her latest wares

The sun illuminates her sun-bleached mop, her lips
too pink, painted as though she could be done up better,
Nature’s beauty undone, she holds her lover’s smile
too long, telling tales of perspiration and aching feet

The corners of her mouth fall with the camera lens,
gone until the photographer glances back up grinning
He leans in for her lips, but she presents a rouged cheek,
looking determinedly for her next ware to showcase.

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