19 September 2011

Trying to be Festive

This week was a little bit harder to really get much in the way of creative things done. I have a test in about an hour which I've been studying for. We also had a great Saturday outing around Hong Kong with some friends. This week is completely designated for testing, so I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze something creative out of myself.

Since I didn't really complete any art project or writings this week, I had to do something to start getting festive for the fall season. I've just become a member of Pinterest. It's a really cool community in which you can 'pin' items (particularly pictured items) up on your personal 'pin boards' from all over the internet. I've found some really good recipes and fun fall decorations I wish I could enjoy at home. I've also started a little collection of owls on a pin board, though apparently fox is the new owl. LOL.

I also could help but start to make a Halloween banner in Illustrator. I'm trying to learn how to use all of these beautiful Adobe products that my husband just bought for me, so I thought 'what better use?'. I had lots of work this week, but I still needed some break time, so I'm teaching myself how to make vector art.

This week I'm hoping to get some fanfiction written, because I'm stuck in the middle of a story I started three years ago when I have two or three other really great story ideas brewing in my head.

Here's to hoping there's enough free time in the week to fit it all in!

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