20 September 2011

Under My Hat

I have a design project that I've been working on, but I can't do any posting until there is some finalization of the product. My brother just started up a business and I've been playing with logo designs. They're not too fancy, just some ideas that I've been kicking around. I got four new designs created today and emailed off to be considered, so I've felt productive this morning. It's been nice to get to work on a project of some sort.

With my test out of the way for the week, I thought that I'd get some time to write or design, but alas no! As it seems, the world is out to keep me as busy as possible. I got a last minute call to an interview today, tomorrow I have to pick up my Hong Kong ID and attend class from 1-5pm, Thursday I believe I am babysitting before attending a philosophy department lecture and Friday seems to be my first day free of obligation. Nuts!


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