01 December 2011

All this stuff

So, as my husband and I round out our last few days in Hong Kong for the year with school work and job work and crazy philosophy barbecues, we got an email from some American friends of ours who have been staying in HK for a semester as lecturers (ahh academics). They told us they were leaving within two days and were hoping to get rid of a few things that we might have use for. When my husband heard the words "toaster oven", the words "of our very own" popped into his mind and he was sold - we were going to sort through stuff. Just a few things, right?

So after a long walk on a bum knee (my knee, not his) and a ride on the metro, we get to their by-the-month hotel apartment to look at "a few things". A few things turned out to be six huge bags worth of stuff - and we didn't even take everything they offered us. Two large bags that we use as luggage when we travel, plus a huge mesh laundry bag full of dry food products, two huge tote bags of items and a large insulated freezer bag. We ended up with all this stuff to put in our apartment: more than 2000hkd worth of food, blankets, pillowcases, the contents of an entire medicine cabinet that they didn't want to haul back, foldable drawer space, plastic bins, water filters, kitchen utensils AND a toaster oven.

Now the question really is... what are WE going to do with all this stuff?

Your stuff in the comments. :) Happy Rabbit-rabbit day.

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