18 November 2011

On a random note

What is up with this lap booking thing? It sounds like a great idea, but every time I go to a website, I have a bunch of religiosity shoved down my throat on every page.

Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against being religious or spreading the word (in general), but I would like to find a site that explains something to me about lap booking and how it might be useful for older kids in the classroom while still saving my future (and I might add hypothetical) job in the public school system of America. No ten commandments, no prayer circles, so I'm guessing probably no crosses on every page of a lap book. But usually these sites have no instructions provided and very small pictures.

Other than the fact that every lap booking site seems to suggest that the only people who home school (where lap booking is all the rage) are people that accompany their "C is for Crickets" lap book with Crosses and sCriptures to teach the lifeCycles of bugs, it sounds like an interesting and creative idea. I can see older kids (I'm talking high school) doing some interesting projects in this kind of format. It would be a nice way for them to have and create long-lasting major artifacts in their classroom experience that can be used to teach others, be read aloud or explored by younger and older kids.

It seems silly to be very broadly lesson planning at this stage (the still getting certified stage) of my teaching career, but these kinds of ideas excite me. I'd love to hear any recommendations for creative learning sites with these kinds of projects illustrated.

Do you make lap books with your kids? Have you heard about them? Let me know in the comments.

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