05 October 2011

The 9th Day of the 9th Lunar Cycle

Today in Hong Kong is the Chung Yeung Festival, or the Double Ninth Festival. Nine is a very auspicious number in Chinese tradition. It is the yang number. Yang is the light part of the yin yang. Apparently the double 9s is just too active, masculine, and hot (temperature, people - keep your mind out of the gutter) for anyone to be having.

If all that activity is allowed to remain in us and around us, it'll be too much to handle - we won't be able to maintain balance. So, the Chinese pick this day for a holiday in which we can let out that activity and sweep the cobwebs out behind it. Drinking chrysanthemum tea or climbing a high mountain are considered good ways of cleansing and getting that energy out. Some people also use the day to visit the graves of their ancestors.

Personally, I plan on going up to the roof, doing some tai chi, meditating on those who have passed and getting some good ol' relaxing in.

How do you unwind?