13 October 2011

Books and Guest Blogging


Just a week update:

I've gotten my first opportunity to be a guest blogger over at freefringes as a guest judge in the lovelinks contest this month! Check out my vote and freefringes. :)

Also, I recently finished a book called The Tavernier Stones: A Novel by Stephen Parrish. It was one of those almost DaVinci Code type deals, but with diamonds and rubies and no one found out they were related to Jesus. It wasn't bad. It was written by a cartographer/gemologist about a thief, a model, some criminals, a detective and an Amish guy... yes, an Amish guy. It was kinda fun escapist literature at least.

23) The Tavernier Stones

So close to reaching my goal. Only 7 more books this year!

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