21 October 2011

October Post: Fall Decor II

I got a comment on my last post from Ado over at The Momalog about how all she did was throw some apples up on her mantle to decorate for the fall. This first idea is for her. :)

I think it would be so easy to do this. All it takes is a bag of apples from the grocery store, a bag of votive candles from the dollar store and a knife. Make a hole in the apple large enough for the votive to fit in. If you want the streaky wax thing, then I suggest you light a separate candle (a taper might work best) and drip the wax on your apple radiating from the votive.

The best thing about this picture is that the apples look so delicious, even though they're covered in wax. It really brings that harvest feeling, even if we're not looking at wheat or grain of some kind.

So, Ado, this one's for you!

Source: None via Carina on Pinterest

This next one is also being posted due to the response from my last post. Everyone really liked the fall leaves in hurricane lamps for the dining room, so here's another idea for those wine drinkers out there (and I do know you're out there - I've been talking to you all about it since the guilty pleasures listicle happened on Monday!).

Instead of putting pine cones and fallen leaves in your hurricane lamps, try filling them with corks. The candles get their own cylinder vases on the inside of these so that the corks stay separate and not burned. The center vase also helps keep the corks lined up in a nice even pattern. 

This doesn't have to be a candle thing either, though I like the glow from behind the corks. You could put fall flowers or even some bare branches in the center vase to give that autumn feeling. 

As you can probably tell after a month's worth of October posts, I have a love for owls. I've been collecting them for years, so I can't help but put another cute pumpkin owl idea out for those of you who haven't yet done your carving. 

I love the way that the carver didn't go all the way through for the wings, because when a candle shines through at night, it'll give a different appearance from the parts that are carved all the way through. I like pumpkin carvings with good texture. :)

Stay tuned for next week's October Posts. I don't have a theme picked out yet, but I'm sure I'll get more Halloween-y as we get closer to the 31st. 

Did you try any of the decorating ideas that I posted? If not, what inspired your decorations this fall?

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