17 October 2011

Fall Decor

This week's October Posts are going to be about fall decor.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I spend much of the little free time I have on pinterest. I've been using it to search for fun, beautiful and spooky ways to decorate for the fall.

The first decoration on the list today would make a great pumpkin carving alternative. For those of you who prefers to not have to buy one of those mini serrated knife kits every year only to realize you can't think of anything creative to carve into your pumpkin, this is for you.

This creative, diy project comes from Page Turners Hollow. There are some great links to resources for these lovely silhouettes (don't worry! you don't have to draw these by hand).

For those of you who like  to have a wreath year around, this is a great Halloween alternative to winter greens or fresh flowers.

A few old newspapers or a book and a wreath form is all it takes to make the base for these bats to flutter around your doorway. Visit Heidi over at Vacuuming in High Heels & Pearls for simple directions.

Source: themerrymagpievintage.com via Carina on Pinterest

Who can resist hurricane lamps in autumn? These are a great fall decor addition to a dining room or living room and they'll last you through Thanksgiving.

I can't help it! I have to put a cute pumpkin owl in. I know that everyone's into owls right now, but I've been collecting for a while and I thought this was adorable. It's another great way to not have to carve your pumpkin while getting to ride the hayride to pick one out.

What kind of decorations are you putting up this fall? Feel free to link to pictures of your place in the comments. :)

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